Bohemian Grove feat. Raiders of the Lost Arp – Live ! 07/12/12

A night for automatic lovers of deep, electronic music from the outer reaches of Chicago house music and Detroit techno, to the deepest sounds of Europe and everything in between. Featuring a blend of DJ sets and live performance with a real emphasis on the underground.

After a years worth of solid performances from the likes of Chicago Skyway, Perseus Traxx, Hakim Murphy, Andy Stott, Claro Intelecto, Mike Huckaby, Jane Fitz, Amir Alexander and DJ Spider, we round 2012 off nicely with a booking that has ben a long time coming.

Italian born Mario Pierro has focussed heavily on the theme of science fiction throughout the use of his “Raiders of the Lost Arp” guise, sitting comfortably somewhere between Italo disco, electro funk and Detroit techno, he consistently manages to paint a romantic and colourful vision of the future. His live set consists of a mixture of vintage analogue synthesizers and drum machines featuring improvised tracks built on the fly as well as excerpts from previously released material.

Mario was originally pencilled in for last January, but due to the arrival of a child in the Pierro household we had to re-schedule. We’ve held back patiently for the whole of 2012 to go ahead with this booking and we reckon it will definitely have been worth the wait…

Come and get involved





~ by Bohemian Grove Collective on November 17, 2012.

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