Bohemian Grove 1st Birthday : event update

To everybody whom this may concern, it is with deepest regret that we make the following statement…
Due to circumstances way beyond our control, Vakula will not be joining us for our birthday event on 3rd September. Although we have already done our bit and acquired a certificate of sponsorship/work permit for him, the British embassy in the Ukraine have just informed us that they are unable to grant him a visa to enter the UK in time for the forthcoming event. Obviously we are extremely disappointed about this, as is Vakula. On a lighter note, we will still be giving him his UK debut here in Manchester once the embassy are able to grant him a visa which will be in the not so distant future.
We have spent the last 24 hours putting ‘plan B’ into action and are satisfied that we have a more than worthy replacement in the shape of Miles Sagnia.
Amongst releasing music on Keith Worthys ‘Aesthetic Audio’ and Kirk Degiorgios ‘Applied Rhythmic Technology’, Miles also heads up his own ‘Atmospheric Existence Recordings’.
Miles has been on our radar for quite a while now and was already pencilled in as one of our forthcoming bookings. Fortunately for us he happened to be free on 3rd September and we jumped at the chance of taking something positive from a bad situation and bringing that booking forward.
We will still be partying through until 8am and hope everybody would still like to join us to celebrate a year of Bohemian Grove.
Ticket price will be reduced back to the usual £10. For everybody who has already purchased tickets online at Resident Advisor, we have your names on a list and will refund the difference upon your arrival at Islington Mill.
More info to follow shortly


~ by Bohemian Grove Collective on August 18, 2011.

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