Dope new output from local lads ‘AnD’

We have a lot of love for our flourishing Manchester music scene which has seen some serious acts brought to the table in recent years. Local lads ‘AnD’ have been responsible for a string of quality techno releases and certainly don’t dissappoint with their latest outing the ‘Algoryhthmic Love EP’ on ‘Project Squared’

In the words of Boomkat:

Manchester’s freshest Techno unit diverge into more scuffed and broken structures, backed with a smart Tom Dicicco remix for Furreshu. ‘Algorithmic Love’ is a firm nod in the direction of T++, Surgeon and those Techno operators who can read outside the linear 4/4 lines, building a robust yet twitchy swing joint from booming bass and grazing, strafing hi-hat/snare syncopations. On a more Dubbed-out pivot, ‘Brother From Another Mother’ rolls off carefully carved subs and more pointillist percussion, while ‘Swing Me’ locks off another pendulous, earth-moving 2-step-Techno movement. In contrast to those techical feats of dexterity, Tom Dicicco harnesses the groove of ‘Brother From Another Mother’ for a sumptuously aquatic Dub Techno motion.

Available from all good record stores now !
Read full review of Algorythmic Love EP – AnD on ©


~ by Bohemian Grove Collective on July 14, 2011.

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